The oxygenated facial and body water mist spray

Technical Product Details

The vitalizing and refreshing Swiss O2 Spray is the latest product that hits the skin care, health care and wellness market.

Swiss O2 Spray is made of two vital components: pure medical grade oxygen and water. 

For many years oxygenated-water, has been successfully used for skin care purposes by aestheticians to support skin care treatments.

The product has a wide range of applications you can benefit from.

It can be used as a moisturizer for skin care or as a vitalizer while travelling by plain or by car or anytime you need to boost your energy reserves. 

A great breeze for Skin and Body!

When to apply SO2S

Swiss O2 Spray is an active wellness spray and can be applied as often as you like per day:  

  • Use to moisturize your skin, while spreading its oxygenating powers to s your skin - for all skin types
  • Use when you have had too much sun or heat. Especially after sunburns!
  • Use regularly on trips to refresh yourself and lift your energyUse when you feel faint or worn out
  • Apply when you are groggy and need a boost
  • Use as an effective rejuvenator & activator on your face and body and you'll feel the soothing and refreshing effect immediately

Swiss O2 Spray is also:

  • good for dry to oily skin types
  • mild to moderate acne
  • great to cool and sooth skin after sunburn

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About Swiss O2 Spray

How to apply O2 Spray

Oxygen Content

Swiss O2 Spray, also known as Oxy Spray, Oxy Mist or Swiss O2 Mist is water from Swiss Mountains, from the region of Glarus, highly concentrated with medical oxygen. It contains up to 20 time more oxygen than normal water.

NEW! Now available with 5 different scents: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Grapefruit and unscented

Target Groups

The Swiss O2 Spray Products for BEAUTY, SKIN CARE & WELLNESS are developed for Beauty Salons, Wellness Institutes, Hotels, Spas Online Shops, Air Lines and as an integration into existing skin care product lines.


Swiss O2 Spray is successfully used for the following applications:

  • Professional Cosmetic applications
  • Personal every day skin care
  • Refreshment at any time
  • Hygiene purposes
  • Improvement and faster healing of skin

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Swiss O2 Spray should be sprayed on, and pat dried with a clean soft cloth, or allowed to air dry. 

One spray of Swiss O2 Spray moisturizes and replenishes the natural elements of your skin allowing it to breathe. The clean, pure vapor from Swiss O2 Spray will soothe and stimulate your complexion. For a quick alternative to spending the day at a spa, just spray Swiss O2 Spray and you'll feel the difference.

Is also excellent for:
  • application before, while and after every Skin Care Treatment
  • Pre and Post-Facial Surgery
  • Pre and Post-Laser Resurfacing
  • Post-Chemical Peels
  • Dry to Oily skin types
  • Mild to Moderate Acne
  • Soothing after Sunburns

Our prickling tip: Keep Swiss O2 Spray in the refrigerator! Chilled Swiss O2 Spray from the fridge (5°C) contains more diluted oxygen then at room temperature.

SWISS O2-SPRAY has up to 20 times more oxygen than normal city water. 

The high oxygen content is produced by the physical rule of „Winkler“: 

The higher the pressure and the lower the temperature between gas and liquid, the greater the dilution of the gas with the liquid:

Swiss O2 Spray has up to 20 times more oxygen than normal city water. 

In this chart 100% represents normal Chilled Swiss O2 Spray from the fridge (5°C) contains more diluted oxygen then at room temperature. This phenomenom is based on the physical rule by "Winkler":

- up to 120mg oxygen / Liter chilled at 5°C (fridge)

- MIn. 45mg oxygen / Liter at 40°C

But even if the can is not cooled the oxygenated-water mist always feels cool and refreshing even at 40° outside temperature.

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It moisturizes your skin, while spreading its oxygenating powers to skin and tissue. It can be used for all skin types.
Hydrates your skin when it has received too much sun or heat. Soothing specially after sunburns!
Is refreshing on trips. Use it regularly on trips to refresh yourself and lift your energy




The upper layer of skin, the stratum corneum, immediatly looks better after application of Swiss O2 Spray

On your face and body and you'll feel the soothing and refreshening effect immediately.

Feel the relaxing effect after spraying Swiss O2 Spray onto skin and body

Technical Data - SO2S

Available Sizes

Excisting Models

- Content: Oxygenated Water
- Pressure: 8bar
- Propellant: 100% medical oxygen
- Diluted Oxygen:  45 - 120mg/l
- Quality: Pharmacological
- Can Type: Security aluminium can
- Securtity: Max. pressure 18bar
- O2 content in mg/l Normal Water: 5 - 7mg/l
- O2 content in mg/l Spring Water: 15 - 22mg/l
- O2 content in mg/l SO2S: 45 - 120mg/l

It is advisable to check with the national authorities if there is any national regulation that requires special labeling for aerosol products.
-   50ml Aerosol Spray Can (Pocket)
- 100ml Aerosol Spray Can (Travel)
- 150ml Aerosol Spray Can (Personal)
- 250ml Aerosol Spray Can (Family)
- 300ml Aerosol Spray Can (Cabin)

Other special sizes available opon request.

Cans with different forms are also available upon request and min. order Volume of 50'000pcs.

Private Label your Swiss O2 Spray

Develop your own design and choose the size of your oxygen spray! From the business point of view we are happy to say, that your Private Label Oxygen Spray Product can generate large revenues to your company due to the interesting market potential and product acceptance by the consumers.

Steps to realization:

  • Get in touch with us or manufacturer
  • Choose the size of your Oxygen Spray
  • Place your order
  • Develop your product layout
  • Receive your new product 6 to 8 weeks later


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