The oxygenated facial and body water mist spray


Here you will find most of the answers to your questions related to Swiss O2 Spray  

1. General questions about Swiss O2 Spray

  1. What is Swiss O2 Spray and what is its formula?

    Swiss O2 Spray is a pressurized can containing 100% pure oxygenated-water. Swiss O2 Spray offers approximately 900% more oxygen than normal water. When combined and sprayed it emits a wonderful mist of oxygenated-water. It energizes,and boosts energy reserves. It also hydrates and refreshes skin and tissue. Swiss O2 Spray is of pharmacological quality.

  2. Where is the manufacturer?

    The manufacturer is situated in Switzerland and is the developer of the Swiss O2 Spray. The Company is ISO 9000 Certified and thus high and constant quality is guaranteed. FIBD is developing for the manufacturer the worldwide markets and promotion for the Swiss O2 Spray. Ordering, invoicing and delivery is organized directly with the manufacturer.

  3. What is so special about Swiss O2 Spray?

    Swiss O2 Spray is made of two vital components, pure oxygen and water. The product has a large range of applications for skin care and well being. Oxygenated water has been successfully used for many years for wound care, acne treatments as well as many other dermatological problems. Now this wonderful concept is available to everyone. Producing pressurized cans with oxygen as the propellant requires highly specialised know how. Production requires anti-bacterial filtering of the water, medical oxygen and hygiene standards which have to be fulfiled allow to manufacture Swiss O2 Spray to a pharmacological quality.

    The high oxygen content is produced by the physical rule of „Winkler“, which says: “The greater the pressure is between a gas and a liquid, the higher the dilution of the gas with the liquid.

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2. Use & application questions

  1. How often can I apply Swiss O2 Spray?

    Swiss O2 Spray is an active wellness spray and can be applied as often as you like per day.

  2. What can I use it for?

    Use it to moisturize your skin, while spreading its oxygenating powers to skin and tissue. For all skin types.

    • Use it when you have had too much sun or heat. Specially after sunburns!
    • Use it regularly on trips to refresh yourself and lift your energy.
    • Use it when you feel faint or worn out. Your wake-up and feel good remedy. Apply when you are groggy and need a boost.
    • Use it as an effective rejuvenator & activator on your face and body and you'll feel the soothing and refreshening effect immediately.
    • Pre- and post-facial surgery
    • Pre- and post-laser resurfacing
    • Post-chemical peels
    • Very good for dry to oily skin types
    • Mild to moderate acne
    • Sunburns
  3. How do I apply Swiss O2 Spray?

    Swiss O2 Spray should be sprayed on, and pat dry with your fingers, a clean soft tissue, or allowed to air dry. One spray of Swiss O2 Spray moisturizes and replenishes the natural elements of your skin allowing it to breathe.The clean, pure mist from Swiss O2 Spray will soothe and stimulate your complexion. For a quick alternative to spending the day at a spa, just spray Swiss O2 Spray and you'll feel the difference. Use as many times per day as you like. Swiss O2 Spray can be applied to all skin types

    Our useful tip: keep Swiss O2 Spray in the refrigerator!

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3. Technical questions

  1. How much of the product is in the can and what sizes are available?

    Swiss O2 Spray is a product we manufacture in the following standard sizes:

    • 50ml Aerosol Spray Can
    • 150ml Aerosol Spray Can
    • 250ml Aerosol Spray Can
    • 300ml Aerosol Spray Can

    These amounts (ml) relate to the content of oxygenated water. Other sizes are available upon request.

  2. How much pressure is in the can?

    Between 8 - 9 bars. This pressure is needed to achieve the high content of diluted oxygen in the water

  3. What is the shelf life for Swiss O2 Spray?

    We recommend that the product be rotated within a 12 month cycle. We guarantee the product for the period of 18 month. Expiry date is printed on the bottom of the can

  4. Can I carry Swiss O2 Spray when I travel on an airplane?

    Yes, you can carry any size of Swiss O2 Spray in your checked bagage without declaration. If you have Swiss O2 Spray in you carry on bag you are restricted to max. can size of 100ml. Swiss O2 Spray products are classified as consumables or personals or personal care items (just like cosmetics, shaving cream, and hair spray). These items are pressurized like Swiss O2 Spray products. However, to be sure, check with your local carrier and check their specific rules and regulations.

  5. Can I keep Swiss O2 Spray in the fridge?

    Yes (but not frozen). Chilled Swiss O2 Spray from the fridge (5°C) carries more diluted oxygen then at room temperature:

    • up to 120mg oxygen / liter chilled at 5°C
    • approx. 45mg oxygen / liter at room temperature (24°C)

    But even if the can is not cooled the oxygenated-water mist always feels cool and refreshing.

  6. Are there any additives or preservatives?

    Swiss O2 Spray contains no preservatives, dyes, perfumes, colours, CFC's or aerosols. This great new product is completely natural as it contains 100% pure oxygenated water.

  7. Are the aerosol cans tested?

    Yes, the cans used are of aluminium (security cans) and have a hollow floor that is able to expand over pressure and are tested to a max. of 18 bar pressure making this product safe for air travel.

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4. Private label related questions

  1. Can I use my own label design for Swiss O2 Spray?

    For you to take positive advantage of this rapidly expanding market FIBD, are offering Swiss O2 Spray, packaged under your company label at prices which will place you as a market leader in this ever expanding health and beauty market.

  2. What do I have to do to get my private label Swiss O2 Spray produced?

    The steps to creating your own label are:

    Receive your new product 6 to 8 weeks after receipt of your artwork

  3. What are the target groups for Swiss O2 Spray?

    Here are some target group which offer great business opportunities for your personalized/private label Swiss O2 Spray.

    • Beauty & Hair Salons
    • Aesthetic Clinics
    • As an integrated product of a Skin Care Product Line
    • Spas
    • Laser Clinics & Light Therapy Clinics
    • Pharmacies
    • Airlines
    • Petrol Stations
    • Home Shopping TV
    • Internet Shops
    • General Home Market
    • Network Marketing
    • As a useful give away for promotional purposes (carries your advertising)
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5. Questions related to Cosmetic Manufacturers and Botteled Water Industry

  1. Can Swiss O2 Spray be integrated in any skin care, health care or sun care product line?

    Due to the phenomenal growth of oxygen-based products in the fields of skin care, health and beauty over the last few years and the public’s ever increasing appreciation of the benefits of oxygen, you can now secure your market position with your oxygenated water spray. Skin care and general well being products containing oxygen have a distinct market advantage over those that do not.

    This product can be easily integrated into any existing skin care, health care or sun care product line or sold as a stand alone product You choose the size of your new product and provide the artwork and 6 to 8 weeks later you can start promoting your new and stylish product and produce great revenue.

  2. Can water producers (bottled water industry) manufacture their own oxygenated water spray containing their own water?

    For the bottled water industry this could be one of the most interesting and profitable add on business opportunity they are looking for. This is an innovative concept of presenting your product to a new and rapidly developing market sector. We have the technology and experience to convert your bottled water to a pressurized spray can containing oxygenated water of your brand, carrying your unique product identity i.e. labeling, logo etc. Think about how much 1 liter bottle of water costs and how much the same amount of water could be sold at as an oxygenated-mineral water spray, as you can see by EVIAN!! Here we are talking about massive profits.The water company would send their water to the manufacturer in Switzerland who will fill and enrich your product with pure oxygen. With a tank or truck load of water sent to the manufacturer in Switzerland one could produce thousands of cans of sprays. So the additional transport costs would be very small in the total calculation.

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